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We need to hear what can be done, and we need to see examples of what is happening that is positive and hopeful.

Artists often create their graffiti, or illegal art, in the city centers so that more people are exposed to this situation.

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The broad array of options now available to artists through new technologies may sometimes have a dangerously negative effect precisely because they offer the artists means of expression they never imagined were possible.

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Tyree Guyton received several international awards. BRIC House, the arts and media institution in Downtown Brooklyn, will be closed to the public.

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Martin Hill, an environmental artist from New Zealand, created a sculpture reflected in the lake by using the technique of compression and tension to make the strongest form with only essential materials.

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Process: Artspace has a history of masterfully putting together funding mixes relevant to the state where they are partnering.

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Nine years after conducting the community survey, PAŹ»I, in partnership with Artspace, is breaking ground on a Hawaiian cultural center, gallery, and artist housing that bundles a range of public sector housing and economic development resources.

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While most art continues to be primarily visual, and visual analysis is still a fundamental tool used by art historians, beauty itself is no longer considered an essential attribute of art.

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Creating Change through Arts, Culture, and Equitable Developmentabout this land; we want to pay for capital investments in the construction of facilities; we want our artists to take a picture of us dancing, record it, and write a poem about it.