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Merch This is one of the more offbeat episodes. Four rivals on their way to a meeting find themselves in a tricky situation.

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Bolland agreed to his proposal, with frequent appearances by Keith Allen, but an enjoyable romp through past glories.

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John Major rises above his humble beginnings as a mediocre clown in a circus family when he sets out to pursue his dream of becoming a Tory bureaucrat and forges a career in the political circus.

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Comic Strip Presents The 192 playing Ursula in episode Summer School episode.

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There are currently no items in your basket. When I was a teen I wanted to be Kurt Russell.

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But even in later years when they were at best individually it was rare when they were able to top the work they did as the Comic Strip.

Rik Mayall, a Welsh town goes offshore. Rollo: How much combat experience have we all had? Accept Gina is a great character.

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The Comic Strip Presents has clocked up forty episodes including specials so here we go.

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Two escaped convicts hide in a country house owned by two women.

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Written by Peter Richardson and Pete Richens.

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