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The traditional marketing approach advocates the marketing mix principles and the quest for market share dominance through mass marketing techniques and focus on new customer acquisition.

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The need to look at the customer needs that drive their values and behavior is the focus area now in integrated customer relationship management.

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Since market competition is becoming more intense day by day, responding to customer needs aiming at attracting and satisfying customer needs and creating loyalty is of high importance.

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If your customers are having great experiences and feel like they are being heard by your company, you are much more likely to create a lasting relationship.

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It is not uncommon for customers to forget they have enrolled in a program, lose track of the points they have accumulated and conclude, often on the basis of boredom or ignorance, that the rewards on offer are unexciting.

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SERVQUAL scale is less generalizable across contexts than the current dominance of the scale suggests.

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Most CCCs do not prioritize these factors; instead, they focus on firsttime fixes and average call times.

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There is some overlap, as well as some significant differences, between job quality in a generic service setting and customer contact center job quality.

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