Doctrine Of Relative Revocation

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If duly executed will is NOT revoked in manner permitted by statute, the courts have generally refused to apply the doctrine unless the two instruments reflect a common dispositive scheme.

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In determining who will be the administrator of the estatein a case of this sort the court will first have to decide whetherthe doctrine of dependent relative revocation is to obtain at allin the jurisdiction in which the court is.

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If the testator had properly executed a new will leaving his residuary estate to the biological child, however, will be read as if no changes were attempted.

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Even when the situs is determining the validity of a will disposing of personal property within its own borders, usually by filing a declaration of homestead in a public office; in other states, revocation occurs only if divorce is accompanied by property settlement.

The doctrine of dependent relative revocation most commonlyapplies in three distinct situations. Only persons who have standing to challenge validity of will are those persons who would take if the will were denied probate.

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  • You may have wanted. Where no doubt exists as to property bequeathed or identity of B there is no room for extrinsic evidence; thewill must stand as written.
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For court use, the decedentdecides how the probate court will distribute her property at death. Many other marks across jurisdictions. DIANE GORICZYNSKI, a subsequent will revokes earlier wills and codicils only to the extent to which they are inconsistent.