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We have, therefore, been required to register that business with a labour licence.

New Labour Hire License Laws. Want as outlined in this website you structure and for contraventions of victoria labour hire licence.

For example, individuals who are secondees are not considered workers under the Act, unless the provider of the secondee is predominantly in the business of providing the services of workers to other persons.

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The Act and regulations will certainly capture all the organisations already doing the right thing, however these organisations should not bear the cost and administration burden so the government can investigate a small part of sector.

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Just as importantly, companies that host workers from a labour hire environment have a legal responsibility to ensure the provider is licensed.

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Security services are a specialist service and not a function of the normal operations of the retailer.

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To pass this test, companies will need to establish, among other things, past compliance with the applicable employment, tax, immigration, and workplace health and safety laws.

The commencement date for these obligations will be announced well in advance and will include information about the transition period for applying for a licence.

NLP Resume ItEach of the three States which currently have labour hire regulations administer a publicly available register of licensed Providers.

Also, a further reminder that the labour hire licence regimes are up and running in Queensland and South Australia, with application deadlines having already passed. Across a multitude of different industries including administration, transport, civil construction, landscaping, labouring and many more. Why study with HIA?

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Find out what this means for you. State and Commonwealth laws and whether they are a fit and proper person to hold a labour hire licence.

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If your current provider did not apply for a license or is not registered under the scheme it is important to have your workers housed by a recruitment firm that has this license.

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This can put many small businesses in a difficult position where they might not want to apply for an unnecessary license, but do not want to risk fines for being unlicensed. We have been SEMMA members now for a decade; it has been one of the strategic moves that has helped us build our business and get to this point. Negotiating an enterprise agreement?

The wording in the Acts in each state varies and this means that terms, definitions and reporting requirements can be different for each scheme.

Forget the Federal Election; the Only Labor I Care About is Labour Hire!

No Contractors and independent contractors Whether a contract for arrangements is covered by the provisions of the Act will depend on the manner in which the contractor is engaged by the school to perform the services.

Do you understand the difference between contract workers and labour hire?

Inquiry into the Labour Hire Industry and Insecure Work. Agreement Rate Pricing.

Of course, these inclusions do not apply to workers that are directly employed or engaged.

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At the time of writing, there have been no announcements about plans to introduce labour hire licensing in New South Wales, the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

Whilst AEN agree with, and support the Victorian Governments Labour Hire Licensing Bill, we feel it extremely important that GTOs in Victoria are not mistakenly bundled in and regulated within the labour hire industry.

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Act or Regulations applies. Their findings, while not surprising, provided the political impetus for regulatory intervention. This site uses cookies to store information.

Where must documents be produced? We have a pool of highly motivated and capable people ready to hit the floor running in your business. Is your recruitment service working for you?

Yes Temporary administrative staff engaged through an agency Yes Maintenance staff engaged through a company Yes.

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This includes providing labour hire services without a licence, advertising for labour hire services without a licence, using an unlicensed labour hire provider, and failing to report attempts to circumvent labour hire licensing.

In addition, particular types of work are automatically considered to be labour hire under the Scheme, including cleaners in commercial premises, some horticultural activities, as well as some meat manufacturing or processing and poultry processing activities.

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To an entity cannot be investigated as a victoria labour hire licence when supplying workers!

  • What do I need to do? Applies to certain workplaces. They are more out more flexibility and victoria labour hire services in victoria and berries australia? It might require some legal proceedings and sometimes even cost you money.
  • Let us explain why we do this. RIS The regulations do allow for the licensing authority to rely on a licence or accreditation under a scheme under which the VRQA registers an organisation such as a GTO. The Authority is responsible for promoting compliance with and enforcing the licensing scheme.
  • What is a Provider? Starting address not found. If the providers you engage are not listed on the registers, we recommend you seek legal advice. The legal market is making strides online.


Ease of changing workers. However, you can manage your browser settings to block or alert you about these cookies. As an Australian business, exporting from China to the United States can be a complicated process. Penalties apply for any Provider who contravenes this requirement.