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Each Borrower Party shall keep in all material respects accurate and complete records of the Accounts and Credit Card Receivables and all payments and collections thereon.
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Letter of Credit issued by the Issuing Bank in respect of the purchase of goods or services by the Borrower in the ordinary course of its business.

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Borrower Party or any Subsidiary thereof have been disposed of in a manner not reasonably expected to result in liability to any Borrower Party or any Subsidiary thereof.

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Without limiting the foregoing, to qualify as an Eligible Credit Card Receivable, a Credit Card Receivable shall indicate no Person other than a Borrower Party as payee or remittance party.

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Adverse Effect shall be deemed to have occurred if the cumulative effect of such event, act, condition or occurrence and all other events, acts, conditions or occurrences of the foregoing types which have occurred would result in a Materially Adverse Effect.

State v Longyear Holding Co files. Bank shall have their expense during such lien upon any type for each such commitment shall cooperate with each borrower from one bank.

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The Administrative Agent has no duty to protect, insure, collect or realize upon the Accounts and Credit Card Receivables or preserve rights in them.

Letter of Credit Obligations equal to the Applicable Margin in effect from time to time.

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