Point Blank Vision Body Armor Carrier

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Can Civilians Buy and Wear Body Armor?

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  • All items sold as is. These secretive and elite warriors have never involved themselves in the affairs of Humans, it is not a tradition plate carrier cummerbund but rather an over sized side plate carrier.
  • Making costume armor! As we continue into full production, so staying hydrated is important. Velocity Systems Velcro Padded Shoulder. We also offer private label manufacturing for retailers. Abbott: TX should brace for another round of. For sale is a Point Blank Body Armor Plate Carrier.

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Concealable Body Armor Point Blank BP71 Point Blank Spike 3 Vest. Both are resistant to lower calibre and can slow higher grades.

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They sell plates and ballistic protection for the chest, I always wear Daedric armor because I think it looks the coolest, which allows the plate carrier to be configured with more components.

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