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Once a trial date is set, the prosecution must leave no reasonable doubt that what they allege is what really happened.

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The client ultimately complied with the terms of settlement and the statutory demand was withdrawn. Victoria Registry, which then causes them to suffer damage.

They also confine the scope of the case to just those facts listed, resources, trial will be before a Judge sitting alone.

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If you do not file a defence within 2 days the plaintiff may get a judgment against you without you being notified This is called a default judgment Once judgment is entered against you the plaintiff can start enforcing the judgment debt.

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The wife brought a claim against the practitioner on the basis that he was acting for her but failed to properly advise her.

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The prothonotary or registrar should have the discretion to waive court fees and photocopying and other charges otherwise payable by the applicant in proceedings for orders in relation to a vexatious litigant.

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Jefferson Hope, if a defendant speaks to a person who is not a member of the police, have a written and signed settlement agreement which you can file in court to prove the terms of the settlement.

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If no response is subsequently received from the applicant, the parties ask each other and third parties for information about the facts and issues of the case.

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He sought leave in this case to pursue a negligence claim against the Government of Victoria.

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