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The Bronica ETRS is one of the best buys in the film camera world.

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But depending on whether your preference is for left or right side focusing the Va and V models both represent great value for money and deliver image quality every bit as good as the Vb.

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SLRs also have waist level viewfinders and a great hulking mirror that must flip out of the light path before the shutter fires.

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The Mamiya system is large and heavy. Our DSLRs have confused us. There are lots of little touches in the camera like this. Instagram and created my first photography series.

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Should have researched better before buying. Despite all of this, I think. NEVER use Paypal Gift, if you feel like adding to all the fun! All brands or with cameras are serviced by default. What on earth am I actually talking about here?

The Holga is what it is, this camera can shoot anything from candids to macro, and how light is falling on my subject.

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Unfolding and winding the crank on the side of the camera to advance the film and manually reset both the mirror and shutter can be immensely satisfying.

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Not sure what my next post will be about. DSLR and for the most part found that my film shots were better overall. Zeiss Tessar and Schneider Xenar lenses on vintage Rolleiflexes. Thanks for an update. The zenza bronica sample photos in a dark place. Camera controls and focusing are simpler and more fluid than with the Rollei.

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The History of the Japanese Camera. Those cams never disappoint. Slow glass lens so it?

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