Meet the Team

meDrew Mery

Drew graduated from Liberty University in 2010 with a BS in Biblical Studies.  During his time at Liberty, he diligently studied and eventually became convinced of Reformed theology.  He is currently a graduate student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, working on his Master of Theological Studies.  Drew has had the privilege of being involved in multiple mission trips to Lesotho, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and India.  He has a passion for evangelism/apologetics and helping others come to a deeper understanding of the Bible.



Dale Stenberg

Dale is currently working on an MDiv from Whitefield Theological Seminary and is pursuing his calling as an elder in Christ’s church through his local church, Grace Bible Church of Brandon.  Dale is convinced of Reformed theology and the need for genuine catholicity within the Body of Christ.


joshJosh Stenberg

Josh is an arm-chair theologian.  No, literally, he spends his evenings reading in his chair.  He is also an elder at Harbor City Baptist Church.  If you couldn’t figure it out by the same last name, Dale and Josh are brothers.  Josh is both older and wiser.

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